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Can You Reach a Compromise with an Aging Loved One About Driving?

Elder Care in Connecticut for Seniors Driving

Reaching an understanding about safe driving concerns with an aging loved one or parent can be difficult. If you cannot agree, a compromise might be the next best solution. It may help them become more cooperative about discussing the issues with driving.

Elder Care in Connecticut for Seniors Driving

Daytime and Nighttime Driving

Your parent may drive well during the day. But driving at night might be another story. Aging adults can experience difficulties with night vision, potentially leading to a dangerous situation on the road. A compromise may be that your loved one can drive at any time during the day but gets assistance in the evening.

Driving During Inclement Weather

Inclement weather, be it ice or rain, can be a safe driving concern. Many people have no issue driving on a bright and sunny day without a cloud in the sky. Rain, snow, and ice, on the other hand, can create significant challenges. An aging adult may have trouble safely controlling the vehicle. Precipitation may make it difficult for them to see clearly. Ask if your elderly loved one will let someone else drive when the weather is less than favorable.

Planning Driving Routes

If an aging family member has difficulty driving on highways or other high-traffic roads, they might agree to use less congested routes when going somewhere. Knowing the exact route they are driving might make you feel more comfortable. It can help you both spot potential travel issues before they happen. It can also make it easy to locate them if there is a problem. Additionally, the regular use of a GPS device may be another compromise everyone agrees to for the sake of safety.

Alternative Transportation

Be sure to give your parent the freedom and ability to opt into alternative transportation if they wish. Having access to elder care providers who drive can help them feel safe and secure. Narrow down the options your loved one has and make it easy to access that transportation when they need it.

Take the time to speak with your parent or aging loved one about your concerns. Talk openly about how you feel about their driving without embarrassing them. Be careful not to accuse them of terrible driving. Instead, let them know you want them to be safe. Let them know you want to help them do the right thing. From there, you can hopefully start to gain some ground for compromise.


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