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Elder Care in Connecticut - Supporting a Family Member with Dementia

The holiday season is typically a time for celebration. Festive lights, decorations, and home-cooked meals consume the senses. It’s a time for thankfulness and gift-giving. But for some families the holidays can be filled with challenges.


Supporting a Family Member with Dementia During the Holiday Season
Some families experience a sense of loss for how the holidays used to be with their loved ones. They must also consider the needs of the person with dementia at holiday gatherings and high-sensory festivities. So, adjusting expectations and modifying some traditions may be necessary… (Read More)

Depression in Older Adults: Detection, Treatment, and Support
Depression is a common mental health issue affecting people of all ages, including older adults. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 7% of people over the age of 60 suffer from depression globally. Depression in older adults can be difficult to detect and treat, leading to serious health issues and decreased quality of life… (Read More)

Helping Older Adults Living with Anxiety
Everyone can feel stressed, worried, or even anxious at times. For most, those experiences will quickly fade away with some reassurance or rationalization. But for a person living with an anxiety disorder, it can seem impossible to escape those feelings. People can develop anxiety at any time in their lives. That includes old age. If an aging relative or loved one suffers from anxiety, knowing more about this condition can help… (Read More)

Recognizing Cognitive Decline in Aging Adults
As individuals age, changes in cognitive function are an inevitable part of the natural aging process. However, distinguishing between normal age-related cognitive changes and more serious cognitive decline is crucial for timely intervention and support. Let’s explore the signs and symptoms that can help you spot cognitive decline in aging adults… (Read More)

Lifestyle Tips for Elderly Adults Living with Insomnia
Sleep is one of those things many people take for granted. As people age, sleep patterns change. We may get sleepy earlier or wake up earlier. We may also experience less deep sleep through the night. Some causes of lack of sleep include frequent urination, medication side effects, and chronic pain. Changes to daily routines for elderly adults can help improve sleep patterns and minimize the effects of sleep disorders… (Read More)


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