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Fall Prevention at Home

Significantly decrease the risks for falls at home with a fall prevention plan.

Falls affect everyone – particularly aging loved ones. In 2015, more than one in four older adults reported falling. Many of those falls occurred at home and resulted in injury, loss of independence, and in some cases, death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2020 that an aging adult dies every 20 minutes from a fall in the United States.

Fall Prevention at Home

While these statistics are alarming, it is important to remember that the risks for falls in the home can be significantly decreased with a simple fall prevention plan.

Remove Potential Hazards

  • Keep floors free of clutter for easy passage.
  • Remove small throw rugs or secure them with double-sided tape to prevent slipping.

Employ Good Practices

  • Use non-slip bathmats in the shower and tub.
  • Reduce sun glare with lightweight curtains or shades.
  • Keep regularly used items in cabinets that can be reached without a step stool.

Perform Safety Upgrades

  • Improve lighting throughout the home.
  • Setup grab bars near tubs and toilets.
  • Install handrails along stairways.

A fall prevention plan at home is a positive start in the right direction. Fall risks can be reduced further by having healthcare providers review medications and perform regular eye/foot exams. Even an exercise routine will build strength and improve balance to reduce risks. Talk openly with doctors about fall risks and prevention. Discuss appropriate exercise programs, proper footwear, and vision concerns with them. Every answered question is an advantage and a step toward fall prevention.

If an aging family member is a fall risk and you are considering home care, we invite you to contact us today. We are here to help.

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