Care at Home, LLC solely provides nonmedical care.

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Care at Home provides a variety of home care and companionship services that allow our clients in Connecticut and Rhode Island to remain in their homes and enjoy a higher quality of life.


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Companionship and Calming Anxiety

Socialization and companionship are an integral part of health, especially for the elderly who may live far away from family members and friends or have a limited social circle. Isolation can lead to anxiety and other health problems. Companionship for seniors provides many health benefits. We offer hourly and daily services for seniors in need of companion care.


Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors, which is why it’s crucial to have a fall prevention program in place to help your loved ones stay independent at home. We offer fall prevention solutions catered to our clients’ home, lifestyle, and risk to ensure their safety. Falls do not have to be a part of aging when a fall prevention program is implemented.


Memory Care

Care at Home offers memory care services to clients by training caregivers through a Dementia training program. These caregivers fulfill 8 hours of training through Wellsky's online platform and receive a certificate upon successful completion.


Meal Preparation and Feeding

We offer meal prep for seniors and feeding services to ensure our clients receive the proper nutrition they need. Our caregivers can customize a meal plan based on a client’s individual preference, dietary restrictions, and special needs. We can also assist with feeding if necessary.


Light Housekeeping and Errands

Keeping the home clean, doing laundry, and running errands can become more difficult for people as they age. We offer housekeeping services for seniors and the disabled so they can enjoy a high quality of life and live independently. In addition to household chores, our caregivers can go grocery shopping and help seniors with other errands.


Personal Care

Simple daily activities, like dressing or bathing, are often taken for granted, but personal care can be difficult or impossible for the elderly, disabled, or chronically ill. We offer nonmedical personal care services to help our clients with personal hygiene to help improve their day-to-day lives. Our caregivers can assist with dressing, bathing, toothbrushing, and other personal care activities.


Medication Reminders

Medication assistance may be necessary for the elderly or those who are disabled to ensure they are taking the right doses at the right time. As a service, our caregivers can provide medication reminders for seniors and the disabled, so they remain in compliance with their medical plans.


Respite Care

One of the biggest issues facing primary caregivers is their own personal care. Respite care is designed to provide temporary relief to primary caregivers, allowing them to focus on their own health and other responsibilities. We offer hourly or overnight respite care services to help primary caregivers recharge their batteries, so they can provide excellent care to their loved ones when they return.

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Ambulation Assistance and Transfers

Ambulation assistance and transfers require significant experience to protect a disabled or elderly client who cannot get from one place to another on their own. Ambulation refers to walking without assistance, so ambulation assistance means to help someone walk. A transfer (moving someone from one area to another) should only be completed by a professional caregiver as there are more risks. We offer professional ambulation assistance and transfers.


End-of-Life Care

Our kind and empathetic professional caregivers can assist primary caregivers as they deal with the challenges and emotions involved with end-of-life care services that help primary caregivers and provide comfort and support for terminally-ill clients.


Pre/Post Surgical Care

Our pre and post-surgical care services are designed to ease anxiety and be someone to talk to for companionship and emotional support. To help before and after surgery, our caregivers provide transportation when needed, support any dietary restrictions, offer reminders about taking medication, and perform household chores.


Transportation & Entertainment

Getting to and from places can be difficult for seniors and the disabled, especially if they do not have family or friends nearby. We offer senior transportation services to help our clients get to where they need to go — whether it’s the grocery store to buy groceries or the park to enjoy some time outside.

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