Care at Home, LLC solely provides nonmedical care.

Providing home care in Connecticut and Rhode Island

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In-Home Care that Suits Your Family Member’s Specific Needs

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Providing clients in Connecticut and Rhode Island with superior care plans that are developed in collaboration with the family.


We offer tailored 24-hour care and live-in services to ensure the health and safety of our clients and allow them to continue to live at home.

Our friendly caregivers are here to provide your family with the services you need to ensure your loved one is taken care of while living at home. Our 24-hour and live-in care programs offer seniors the most independent care option and help them maintain the best life possible through safety, companionship, and personal care.


We recognize that every household and health situation is different. We work with every one of our clients and their families to create a plan of care. Our collaborative approach ensures families have a say in care, and everybody is on the same page. If a situation changes, we can adjust the care plan accordingly.

caregiver assisting elderly woman

Why Do Many Clients Benefit from In-Home Caregiving?

Whether a family chooses 24-hour or live-in care, the main benefit is that the loved one gets to remain at home and enjoy support from a dedicated team of caregivers. 

We take pride in hiring caregivers who are not only skilled but have a passion to enrich the lives of others. Our caregivers are here to assist clients in any way they can. 

They are what makes Care at Home special.

Typical Services Our Caregivers Provide

Light Housekeeping


Meal Preparation


Medication Reminders


Grocery Shopping


Personal Care




Driving Errands





What Is the Difference Between  24-Hour and Live-In Care?


Number of Caregivers

24-Hour Care

Two caregivers at the minimum per day. Each typically works a 12-hour shift.

Live-in Care

One caregiver (although another may be used to cover sleep and daytime breaks)

Sleeping Break

24-Hour Care

Optional sleeping break

Live-in Care

Mandatory 8-hour sleeping break


24-Hour Care

Hourly rate per day

Live-in Care

Flat rate per day

Key Considerations

24-Hour Care

  • Best for clients who require supervision at all times.
  • Prevents falls, wandering, and bedsores that may put the client’s health and safety at risk.
  • May be more expensive as you will pay two caregivers an hourly rate.


Live-in Care

  • Better consistency of care as fewer caregivers are involved.
  • Improved relationship between caregiver and client, building trust and companionship.
  • Built-in breaks mean the client may be left unsupervised during certain portions of the day unless additional care is provided.

Our 24-hour and live-in care services are designed to provide our clients with the care they need while living independently. During your consultation, we will discuss both options with you to help you find the best solution for your loved one in need.

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