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Caregiver of the Month – November 2023

Caregiver of the Month – November 2023

Care at Home announces Kathleen as Caregiver of the Month for November 2023.

Care at Home is beaming as Kathleen takes the spotlight as Caregiver of the Month for November 2023. She joined our caregiving team in July and has been a CNA for 30 years. Her story is inspiring, filled with a passion that radiates and a genuine love for what she does, setting her apart in the caregiving field.

From the start, Kathleen’s journey as a caregiver felt like destiny. “I realized I was born a caregiver very young,” she shares, reminiscing about how she always found herself stepping in to take care of family members. Her spirit of giving also led her to volunteer as a candy striper at a local hospital for four years. Her commitment is rooted in the desire to help and bring comfort to those in need.

But it’s not just about doing what needs to be done. Kathleen’s approach to caregiving is heartwarming. She firmly believes that engaging in daily living activities with clients is crucial for their well-being. Her favorite activities with clients include playing cards, enjoying a board game, and shopping. Kathleen is the kind of caregiver who turns a simple shopping trip to the store into a confidence-boosting adventure for her clients. She helps them discover they’re capable of much more than they might have thought. This approach often results in a sense of pride, accomplishment, and heartfelt appreciation from the client.

Anne, a Care Coordinator for Care at Home, can’t help but express her admiration for Kathleen. “We are extremely proud to have Kathleen as part of our team! Her compassion and commitment to our clients are remarkable. Kathleen’s ability to create a positive and engaging environment speaks volumes about the kind of caregiver she is. It’s a thrill to honor her this month.”

Kathleen’s compassionate nature is the heartbeat of her caregiving. Combined with her enthusiasm for daily engagement and support, she’s become an invaluable asset to the Care at Home team. Her dedication isn’t just noticed; it’s celebrated as a reminder of how one person can truly impact the lives of many.


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