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Field Tech Program Elevates Home Care Excellence

Field Tech Program Elevates Home Care Excellence

Care at Home’s Field Tech Program is setting the standard for home care in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

In the home care field, the success of caregiver-client relationships hinges on a well-orchestrated beginning. Care at Home’s Field Tech Program emerges as a beacon in ensuring a seamless start to the home care experience, setting the bar for excellence in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

At the forefront of this innovative program are field technicians who play a pivotal role in orchestrating introductory visits when home care begins. They introduce caregivers to clients, meticulously verifying that the caregiver-client match aligns with the unique needs and preferences of each individual cared for.

The program’s commitment to transparency is reflected in the delivery of a physical copy of the care plan to the client, family, and caregivers. This tangible resource serves as a comprehensive guide and becomes a record-keeping tool for caregivers, capturing daily activities and critical observations.

Unannounced spot checks, a cornerstone of the Field Tech Program, underscore its dedication to ongoing supervision and support. These checks ensure that the caregiver-client relationship continues to thrive and evolve appropriately. Beyond routine oversight, field technicians observe changes in the client’s condition, updating care plans, and addressing concerns raised by the client, family, or caregiver.

The versatility of field techs is further evident as they assist caregivers with evolving home care procedures and protocols. Whether providing on-the-spot training or ensuring safe client transfers, their proactive approach creates a professional environment and an exceptional home care experience.

Exit spot checks conducted by field techs mark the successful transition of clients towards independence, validating that additional services are unnecessary. The field techs serve as advocates for clients and offer unwavering support to families navigating the complexities of home care. This personalized approach aligns with Care at Home’s commitment to excellence and secures the status of an award-winning home care agency in the region.

Care at Home’s Field Tech Program is a testament to the unwavering dedication for exceptional home care. By seamlessly integrating support, supervision, and advocacy, the program ensures that every caregiver-client relationship flourishes, setting a high standard across the home care landscape.


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