Care at Home, LLC solely provides nonmedical care.

Providing home care in Connecticut and Rhode Island

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5-Star Google Reviews

5-Star Google Reviews

“Everyone at Care at Home is very responsive, helpful, and dependable. Our caregiver is thoughtful and gentle with my mother. My mother doesn’t warm up to too many people, but she loves her, and we are so thankful. It’s so nice to have one caregiver who my mother can feel comfortable around.”
– L.P.

“The caregivers from Care at Home assigned to care for our dad were personable, professional, and capable. They were very considerate of our dad’s needs and worked well with the memory care unit staff to ensure that they were providing the best care possible. They were able to comfort us and clearly explain their support, which was very helpful to an individual with dementia. I would recommend Care at Home.”
– M.F.

“Our family has been using Care at Home for over a year now. I’d give them 10 stars if possible! Caregivers and office personnel have all been excellent. They provide compassionate, attentive, and uplifting care. We have peace of mind in knowing that our family member is in such safe hands.”
– P.G.

“We have been utilizing the services from Care at Home for my uncle for a year now. The staff we have worked with are very professional and have addressed our needs and concerns quickly. His care companions have taken great care of him, and it’s made a difference in his quality of life. I would highly recommend their services.”
– J.R.

“It was wonderful to have Care at Home there for my husband. They took him to all his regularly scheduled events and found new things that he would enjoy such as day trips to car shows that he had not been to. I would recommend them highly.”
– J.H.


Do you have a parent or aging loved one that could benefit from elder care in Rhode Island or Connecticut? We can help.

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