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Caregiver of the Month – September 2022

Care at Home announces Jennifer as Caregiver of the Month for September 2022.

Care at Home proudly announces Jennifer as Caregiver of the Month for September 2022. Jennifer is a PCA with over 7 years of experience. She started her career by providing private care for family and friends. Jennifer’s lovely personality, combined with a knack for patience and compassion, positions her as one of many exceptional and personable caregivers on our team.

Caregiver of the Month - September 2022

“I became a caregiver because I absolutely love it,” said Jennifer. “I have always been the family caregiver for my grandparents, parents, brother, and uncle. I feel like I was born for this!” This conviction and passion for caregiving became even more apparent when she reached a personal career crossroads during the height of the COVID pandemic. “I decided to pursue caregiving full-time, joined the Care at Home team, and couldn’t be happier!”

Jennifer values time spent getting to know the clients she cares for. She loves hearing their stories and engaging them as often as possible. Even if a person cannot fully communicate, Jennifer believes they can feel her compassion. She also believes it’s important to remember these people had productive lives, careers, families, and passions. So reminiscing is something she encourages often.

“I love cooking for my clients, playing games, and building puzzles with them. I feel it brings value to their time as they age comfortably at home,” explains Jennifer. “Not only that, but I receive a great sense of purpose and accomplishment with each person I provide Care at Home caregiving services to.”


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