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Are Transitional Care Services for You?

Being discharged after a stay in the hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center is usually positive news. However, for some patients, returning home means new routines, medication schedules, and uncertainty. Recovery takes time. So, it’s not always possible to jump back into independent living immediately after discharge.

Are Transitional Care Services for You

Transitional care services can assist with the process of getting back to independent living. Typical services may include transportation for follow-up doctor visits, meal prep/planning, and assistance with activities of daily living. Transitional care may also support and encourage continued physical therapy.

Continuity of Care

The period following discharge is a particularly vulnerable time for recovering patients. It is also a critical time for healing. While your social network of friends and family might be willing to help, they most likely will not have the proper training or experience. Transitional care services can fill these gaps and provide a higher level of continuous care right from the start.

Improved Outcomes

Unfortunately, rehospitalization is a common occurrence. Almost one-third of Medicare beneficiaries are readmitted to the hospital within 90 days of being discharged. Transitional care services are proven to reduce readmission rates and help prevent falls while recovering at home. It also reduces long-term healthcare costs by ensuring there are no gaps in care.

A professional home care agency will offer quality services that help make recovery at home a safe experience. Transitional care can also help regain confidence and functional independence sooner rather than later. More importantly, it will lower the chances of health conditions worsening and help prevent a return trip to the hospital.


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