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Home Care During the Pandemic

Safe home care through professional guidance and team education.

Aging adults and people with serious chronic medical conditions are at high risk for severe symptoms related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Care at Home continues to employ practices that safeguard against this virus and provide the highest level of safe and personalized services for our clients.

Home Care During the Pandemic

We Follow Professional Guidance

We follow safety and hygiene precautions recommended by the CDC and the Department of Health. Our staff monitors information and implement protocols daily from Connecticut and Rhode Island state agencies. We also follow safety policies instituted by senior living communities where we serve clients. These are just some of the steps that define our comprehensive pandemic safety practices.

We Educate Our Caregivers

Care at Home has always maintained a firm stance in our response to COVID-19. We continue to educate our caregivers regarding what is known about the virus, symptoms to watch for, and reporting protocols when symptoms are recognized. Our caregivers are required to wear proper PPE, maintain good hygiene, and practice social distancing as recommended. We also screen caregivers daily to ensure they are following protocol when caring for clients.

We Provide Safe Services

Our team continues to make all the right moves to keep clients, family members, and caregivers protected during this challenging time. We stand with confidence that the strict standards we hold our exceptional team of caregivers to have positioned us as the safest personalized home care agency in both Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Are you seeking safe personalized home care for a loved one? We want to match you with the perfect caregiver.

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