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Spring Activities for Seniors

A companion can help an aging loved one enjoy the outdoors.

Spring has arrived!  Colorful flowers are blooming.  Trees and shrubs are waking to show off their fresh, green foliage.  It’s also time for seniors to greet the sun, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the outdoors. Have you asked your aging parents what they enjoyed doing in the Spring when they were young?  If not, you should ask.  They will most likely want to reminisce about those days with a companion.  Let them know they can still enjoy the outdoors as they age.  From gardening to bird watching, even afternoon walks.  Here are some ideas on how companionship can help put a little spring back in a senior’s step.

Companion Care

Picnic Outside

Enjoy a small meal on the deck or patio.  Sit in the shade if the sun is too hot.  If it’s cool, bring a warm blanket for your senior.  Maybe a warm cup of tea or coffee is in order?  It doesn’t take much to make a picnic cozy and fun.

Enjoy Nature

Get out and walk!  Wander around the yard with your senior to admire the blooming foliage and chat about the foraging squirrels and chipmunks.  Do they like bird watching?  Take them to the local park for a stroll and talk about the different birds you see.  A five-mile hike is not necessary to enjoy nature.  It’s amazing how a brief walk outdoors with a companion can rejuvenate their spirit.

Plant Seedlings

Pick out flower or vegetable seeds and start them in small terracotta or plastic pots.  You can even use durable paper cups.  It’s also a great activity to be enjoyed indoors and outdoors.

Play Games

Grab a deck of cards and play your senior’s favorite games.  Rummy?  Go Fish?  Crazy Eights?  Enjoy the fresh air and engage them in friendly and light-hearted competition.  Are cards not their interest?  What about crosswords or Sudoku?  Do they like the challenge of puzzles?  You cannot go wrong with fun and games on a beautiful spring day.


Do you have a parent or aging loved one who can benefit from enjoying the outdoors with a companion? We provide home care in Connecticut and Rhode Island that can help.

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