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Meet the Team: Scheduling Supervisor

Meet the Team: Scheduling Supervisor

Mary is the Scheduling Supervisor for Care at Home and has a professional history as an advocate for families, children, and group home residents throughout her career. She also served as a scheduler and managed caregiver systems for a Southeastern Connecticut nursing agency for many years.

Mary joined the Care at Home team in May of 2021 to oversee the Care Coordinators and assist with caregiver scheduling and client support. She also supports the Director of Human Resources with tracking caregiver/client COVID exposures and implementing safe return to work procedures.

Mary is married with three children and one grandson. She enjoys many forms of entertainment, from crime dramas to action movies, and is an absolute “Game of Thrones” fan. She loves to play made-up games and invent fantastic stories with her grandson. Mary also likes to read historical romance novels and enjoys a passion for cooking savory dishes and baking birthday cakes for her family.

Aside from retirement one day, Mary looks forward to future memories with family and volunteering her time to others as a practicing Christian.


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