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Helping Loved Ones with Dementia During the Holidays

Having a family member affected by Dementia can make things stressful during the holiday season. Here are a couple of ideas to help get the family through the holiday season a little easier.

Helping Loved Ones with Dementia During the Holidays

Be inclusive. Find things that your loved one can easily help with like setting the table, singing carols, or doing crafts with the kids. Encourage them to reminisce about past holiday gatherings, you might just learn a new story about your family you never knew. Just keep it simple and redirect if they seem to be struggling.

Give them the gift of your best self. Things can get difficult and it is hard to stay patient and calm caring for someone with Dementia. Try your best to give them your undivided attention for a bit at the gathering. Avoid things like correcting them, and just let things roll and enjoy everyone’s company together. Just because your loved one isn’t quite who they used to be doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the holidays with their family.


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