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When Is It Time for Home Care?

Hiring outside care for a loved one can feel like a process that comes with uncertainty.

Many aging adults are living independent and happy, healthy lives. As the aging process happens, physical and mental changes can interrupt that independence. Difficulties performing everyday tasks or other human functions can occur. It doesn’t mean a nursing home or assisted living facility is necessary for a loved one. Extra help in the home may be perfectly acceptable.

When Is It Time for Home Care CT RI

While relatives typically step up to provide that support, the time inevitably arrives when the need for care increases and becomes overwhelming for the family. Caregiver fatigue can set in. Accidents can happen. When left alone, a loved one may fall in the bathroom or not remember to turn off the gas stove. Doors may be left unlocked at night. Additional health issues can even develop due to forgetfulness or self-neglect.

So, when is it time to introduce professional home care for a loved one wishing to age at home? The short answer is before a family finds itself in a crisis. Be proactive to help avoid unnecessary injuries or medical bills and take the step to secure the best quality of life possible for a loved one.

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