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The Benefits of Live-In Home Care

Consistent home care for loved ones wishing to age at home.

Live-in home care is the most independent care option available to support loved ones wishing to age at home. It helps them maintain a high quality of life through companionship and personal care in a safe and familiar environment. It also helps to minimize fall risks, depression, and isolation for those that live alone. Live-in home care may be effective at slowing the progression of dementia when the caregiver provides consistent interaction and mental stimulation. Aside from the obvious, there are many practical reasons live-in home care may be the best decision based on the household and health situation.

The Benefits of Live-In Home Care

Better Consistency of Care

Consistency of care is better when fewer caregivers are involved. It allows for a one-on-one relationship to grow between caregiver and client. More importantly, it fosters an environment where trust and companionship can emerge.

Support With Essential Activities

Completing basic everyday activities like laundry and meal preparation can be challenging for those recovering or experiencing declining health at home. A live-in caregiver assists with these essential tasks. Typical home care services can also include light housekeeping, grocery shopping, driving errands, medication reminders, and personal care.

Economical Live-In Home Care

Live-in caregivers are paid a flat rate per day. This is approximately half the cost of hourly caregivers that work shifts. While the economic benefits are clear, the greater value is in knowing a loved one is not alone and is being cared for 24/7 by a trusted and capable caregiver.

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