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No, It’s Not Uncaring to Hire Outside Home Care for an Aging Parent

After years of your parents caring for you, is it uncaring to hire home care services for them? After their mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a group of siblings sat down to have a conversation about home care services and assisted living. They lived in different towns and knew the day would come that their mom would not be safe living at home.


Care At Home can provide Peace of Mind for about your loved ones

Things heated up when one sibling said he’d rather live out of a car with his mom than agree to have a stranger provide her care. All siblings had families and full-time jobs. None of them were in a good position to quit their job and become full-time caregivers. The sibling continued to argue that they were all uncaring individuals to even think that home care or assisted living was best.

It’s Never Uncaring to Hire Someone Outside of the Family

This is a situation that many family members face. You want what’s best for your parent. You’re not sure you can provide the services your mom or dad needs. The bottom line is that hiring an outside caregiver is never a sign that you don’t care. In fact, it’s one of the most caring steps you can take.

Many seniors feel that care from an adult child is embarrassing. They don’t like their child seeing them naked in the bath or shower. They don’t want their child wiping them after using the toilet. They don’t want to be a burden in any way. A professional caregiver is often welcomed by a senior who needs help with activities of daily living.


Finding the Right Caregiver


-While you shouldn’t rush right out and hire the first caregiver you find, a caregiver can become your mom’s friend and confidant. The right caregiver will treat her like family and know how to let your mom remain independent without ever feeling alone.

-You should take time to interview caregivers. Invite your mom to ask her own questions. You want a caregiver who interacts well with your mom. If your mom is comfortable and gets along with the person, a stronger relationship will form.

-Using an agency helps you narrow down the services and schedule that best meets your mom’s needs. Plus, if her usual caregiver is sick, a replacement could be sent to prevent you from having to take a day off.

-Call an agency to ask about home care services and rates. They can set you up to talk to caregivers and see what schedule best suits your mom.


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