Care at Home, LLC solely provides nonmedical care.

Providing home care in Connecticut and Rhode Island

Call CT: (860) 333-6841

Call RI: (401) 537-1609

Great Things Happen When Everyone Works Together

The Care at Home office staff is always making sure our clients and caregivers are taken care of. Just a few weeks ago they got to take care of one of their own! Our ladies in the office planned the most beautiful little wedding when they heard their coworker had to cancel hers.

Sarah and Jay Wedding Mr and Mrs Chairs         Sarah and Jay Wedding 2019

They put together the décor, a huge assortment of food, and the groom’s sister even made their wedding cake! Everything was done so the guests as well as Bride & Groom could simply show up and have a great time. It was the perfect evening to witness the love that Sarah & Jay have for each other officially be united as one.

Sarah and Jay Wedding Ceremony 2019

The rest of the evening was spent dancing, mingling with new friends and just enjoying the celebration. Our Care at Home team truly live up to the “Care” part of our name. They are always there for each other, and that helps them work together and being there for our caregivers and clients.

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