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Saving our Seniors

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Home Care in New London CT: New London, Connecticut – Every year flu and complications from flu-associated illness take the lives of between 12,000 to 56,000 people in the USA according to the CDC.

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Caregiver Of The Month – August 2018

Care at Home's Caregiver of the Month

Home Care in New London CT: Here at CARE AT HOME, we know how much of an essential role our caregivers work plays in the lives of our clients. It takes a special kind of person to go to work each day with a smile on their face, ready to provide compassion and assurance to those who need our help.

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What Seniors Need to Know About National Eye Exam Month

Ophthalmologist Performing an Eye Exam

Elder Care in New London CT: All too often, eye health is ignored, despite the amazing amount of information they provide to the brain. August is National Eye Exam Month, so it’s an excellent time for people of all ages to recall when their last appointment was and see if they are current.

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2018 Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Care at Home is Proud to be a supporter of the Walk to End Alzheimer's

Home Care in New London CT: This morning we were lucky enough to start off our day at Ocean Beach for our final Walk to End Alzheimer’s meeting before the big event on September 15.

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“Walker Wash”

Care at Home Participates in a Walker Wash event

Home Care in New London CT: Here at Care at Home, we love getting out and spending time with our clients and meeting new people within our community. One of the ways our team does this is by sending out our marketers into area facilities.

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