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Benefits of Home Care Activities

Regular Social Activity Can Decrease Cognitive Decline and Improve Quality of Life

Just like the body needs exercise, the brain requires intellectual and social stimulation. Aging adults require novelty, socialization, and purpose to thrive. Senior-friendly home care activities such as walking in nature, taking a scenic drive, reading, volunteering, and art projects can dramatically improve quality of life and offer a host of other benefits for a loved one.

Benefits of Home Care Activities

Build Relationships

Relationship building is even more imperative for seniors, who may have fewer opportunities to socialize over time. Activities for home care recipients provide regular opportunities for meaningful interactions and social fulfillment. These activities can also create an environment for trust-building between caregiver and loved one.

Improve Health Outcomes

Numerous studies show that seniors who are socially and intellectually active have better long-term health outcomes. Home care activities can also offer protection against both cognitive and physical decline. Research by Bryan James, an epidemiologist at Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, suggests that regular social activities may reduce cognitive decline by 70 percent and the rate of disability by over 40 percent.

Boost Emotional Wellbeing

Isolation and lack of stimulation may lead to irritability and mood disorder in aging adults, especially among those that are frequently home alone. Home care activities can provide structure, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment which can stabilize or improve mood. They can also fill gaps in socialization and add novelty to repetitive days for seniors. More importantly, activities each day could help a loved one transition from surviving to thriving and promote long-term well-being.


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